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The best series of acupuncture treatments I have ever received, and I have tried several different places in the DC metro area and in other states. Master Kim and Juliana are absolutely wonderful. They take time to listen to you and understand your health concerns, and explain various techniques that they apply during treatments. They are very kind and I always feel very relaxed after each treatment. My health has already improved after only four visits. I would highly recommend The Village of Healing Hands to anyone looking for acupuncture treatments.

T. M.

I can't say enough wonderful things about the Village of Healing Hands Acupuncture (VHHA). Initially I came to the VHHA for treatment for sudden hearing loss in one ear. Master Kim and Miss Jung, practicing a whole-body concept, identified and treated other ailments as well, to include a long-lasting acid reflux problem. Thanks to their efforts, I no longer need to take medication for acid reflux, which is a great relief due to the danger of suffering kidney problems if I continued to take the medication in the long run. Their treatment also greatly improved my enlarged prostate problem and urine flow.

They treated my right shoulder and lower back for injuries suffered in a fall a year ago, providing significant relief, and they did the same for my left foot when I began to suffer pain from plantar fasciitis. They also provided guidance on exercises to perform to help with recovery from the hearing loss and the impact of the fall.

Whenever I visit the VHHA I’m greeted in a very friendly manner by Miss Jung, who inquires about my general health, sleep, nutrition, digestion, etc. During the treatment Master Kim uses this information to expertly address any problems I have, and his decades of experience are reflected by the wonderful treatment he performs. The genuine interest and concern the VHHA demonstrates for my overall health and recovery is very evident.

I highly recommend the VHHA to anyone in need of acupuncture treatment. You’ll receive excellent care and you’ll experience excellent results.

D. A.

I have been a client of the Village of Healing Hands (VHH) for 10+ years. Master Kim is a natural healer and he and his staff provide a calm, nurturing and healing environment where one's physical, emotional and spiritual strength can be renewed. Meticulously clean, serene and beautiful; the VHH interior and exterior space is at once calming and sustaining. In this chaotic world I so appreciate this oasis of caring and healing provided by Master Kim and his dedicated staff.



X. P.

Dr. Master Kim is very patient and professional. He knows everything about my condition. I have had back pain for two years, especially in cold and rainy days. After seven times of treatment by Dr. Master Kim, there is no pain at all and there is no recurrence. His technique is very steady, and there is no pain when acupuncture. Highly recommend if some one wanna have good experience with acupuncture treatment.


M. A.
Hi all, my name is Milton and I have had 2 sessions at Village of healing Hands Acupuncture. In all honesty my first visit was second to none, efficient, effective and exceeded my expectations completely. I have been to other Acupuncture practices and normally it would take 2 to 3 sessions before I could start feeling a bit of the effects. But, on my first visit at Healing Hands I could instantly feel the effects, I suffer from severe back pain and immediately the pain was gone, like no joke, I was so amazed by the results. Please give it a try, I 100% recommend this practice, the doctor is knowledgeable in all sense.

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